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South East Training is a network of experienced business consultants who provide a wide range of consultancy services, focused on employee development, to help our customers enhance their business performance. Specifically, we provide a range of management training courses covering business process modelling, business process improvement, and business process auditing. Please visit our main site, South East Training, for details.

Business Process Improvement

As the recession deepens and managers at all levels are facing hard decisions about where to apply cuts in expenditure, South East Training is keen to help its customers make the right decisions for their businesses. Expenditure cuts applied in the wrong place can damage an organisation's capability to continue meeting its customers' expectations. A failure to provide the service that your customers have come to expect leads to poorer business results and possible long term decline. The goal, therefore, is to find a way to rationalise your business while continuing to provide excellent customer service, leading to future growth. The answer lies in improved Business Process Management.

However, Business Process Management activities can be time consuming and costly. When you embark on a Business Process Improvement project, how do you know if you are targeting the right areas? What confidence do you have that the improvement activity will provide a return on your investment? Business Process Auditing provides a solution by offering a low cost method for identifying where processes are failing to deliver economy, efficiency and effectiveness, allowing you to focus on critical issues.

Business Process Auditing

Unlike traditional forms of auditing that concentrate on assessing compliance with national standards or internal rules and procedures,  Business Process Auditing focuses on evaluating the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the business processes that are critical to meeting your strategic objectives.  The Business Process Auditor is concerned with understanding how these processes operate and how they support the achievement of strategic goals.

The Audit Criteria

Business Process Auditing involves a structured investigation of your critical processes to assess their 'health' in relation to criteria that are important to your business. These criteria might include business strategy, corporate policy, business plans, departmental targets, past performance, current performance in other parts of the business or customer expectations. The choice is yours.

Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness

The Business Process Auditor seeks to answer questions in relation to economy, efficiency and effectiveness, such as:


  • Are we acquiring goods and services at the lowest possible prices whilst maintaining the required quality?
  • Are we achieving Value for Money?
  • Where else can we save money?


  • Can we do this task, activity or process in a smarter way?
  • Have we eliminated all the waste we can?
  • Could we do this differently?
  • Do we even need this process?


  • Do we know what our customers' expectations are?
  • Are we meeting our customers' expectations consistently?
  • Are we positioned to meet our customers' future needs?

Whilst Business Process Auditing does look at compliance as part of the investigative process, it is more concerned to determine if the business process under examination, whether defined or simply adopted as common practice, is fit for purpose in meeting the organisation's needs. In most cases, this means the auditor is evaluating the 3Es: economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

What We Offer

South East Training offers both consultancy and training support to organisations wanting to invest in Business Process Auditing.  We have helped numerous organisations, including many Fire and Rescue Services throughout England, to develop a Business Process Auditing capability.  We do this by advising clients on how to establish audit systems and providing auditor training.

Follow the link to find out more about the South East Training Business Process Auditing Course.

South East Training also runs other Business Process Management courses relevant for the auditor, including: Business Process Mapping, Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) and Business Process Improvement. They are suitable for anyone involved in business process improvement, whether auditor, change agent or line manager. These courses are highly practical and tailored to the needs of your organisation.  For example, participants on the Business Process Mapping, Business Process Modelling and Business Process Improvement workshops complete the courses by modelling one of your organisation's business processes, both to embed the skill and build confidence. 

To learn more about how South East Training can help, please go to our main site or to our online equiry page to request further information.

Business Process Auditing Toolkit

The Business Process Auditing Toolkit provides guidance, example documents and blank forms as a resource to help the business process auditor. Please refer to the links on the bottom menu bar. These tools are the copyright of South East Training. However, you are free to use them on condition that you acknowledge both the ownership (Copyright South East Training 2010) and the source ( if reproduced.

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Auditors attending the South East Training Business Process Auditing Course receive a printed copy of the Business Process Auditing Toolkit along with their participant notes.South East Training is part of the businessballs community. Follow the link for more free resources. If you want to join in discussions about auditing or any of the other topics listed, click on the businessballs community link.


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Business Process Auditing Toolkit

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